Jumbo Bags

With possibility of customization so as to suit the individual packaging requirements, our expertise also lies in meeting the demands of Jumbo Bags that function as flexible intermediate bulk containers. Finding application in carrying bulk cargo in single package option, these are suited for end products like Soda Ash, Cement, Food Grades and others.

Big Bag (FIBC BAGS) Packaging Advantages:

  • Guaranteed convenient and fast loading and unloading of large volumes of goods by means of mechanized equipment.
  • Safe transport of goods, both food products (protection against any foreign substance ingress into the bag) and chemical substances (protection against sifting of any dangerous chemical out of the bag )
  • Fast and efficient distribution
  • Economic benefits due to saving transport costs and storage space (BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) can be stacked in several layers)
  • BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are reusable(SF 6:1 safety factor)
  • Fully recyclable.
The types and kinds of BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are offered by Daman Polyfabs are always adapted to customer's individual needs. In the BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) design and production we first of all take into account the purpose for containers are intended (type of goods to be packed), procedures and conditions of packing, transport, storage and unloading of goods.

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